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Passion and attention for every detail

Our photographic studio is specialized in wedding’s and cerimonies pictures. It was born from love for reportage’s photography combined with the traditional black and white, in which the photograph takes care himself of the whole creative process.
Because of this, the attention for every detail that allow us to grow from the very beginning, grew stronger with the coming of digital era. It had always linked all the working moments: from the shutter click to the photo’s composition, from the negative/Raw’s development to the personalized print.

The pleasure of a joyfully memoirE

The awareness of being just a vehicle for unique life’s moments drives us to focus all our competence in order to best describe unforgettable atmospheres and feelings, that always take place spontaneously.
Because of this, we prefer to pass unnoticed, instead of being the directors of your day, and so, give you the pleasure of remebering every istant joyfully, living them again.

A wide variety of services

Thanks to our professional and artistic training, to the best photograph equipment and to the lights, we can offer and propose different kind of services, from analog photography (also using vintage equipment like Holga and Polaroid) to digital photography. We also build photobooks, according to any taste and preferences of the bride and the groom to be.
Here some examples:

Digital photo service

  • Selection, conversion and retouch of the RAW files;
  • Pictures delivery on Cds and Dvds;
  • Online’s pictures preview in a private website’s area;
  • Printing on professional photographic paper;
  • Pictures composition and ribinding into photo books and refined photo album.

Fine art black and white photo service

  • Handcrafted and personalized films development and contact prof prints;
  • Handcrafted and personalized prints on fine photographic papers;
  • Composition and ribinding into album and into archive’s boxes;
  • Turning negatives into digital ones and delivery in Cds and Dvds.

Special processing and other services

  • Production and editing of professional videos;
  • Printing and deliveries of pictures to friends and relatives during the wedding party;
  • Fine-Art Giclée prints, any size;
  • Prints on different shades Passepartout, acid free, 100% cotton;
  • Prints on frames, Forex’s panels, Kapamount, aluminium, Dibond or any other support.

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